Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Candy Cane Nail Art

Hi everyone, I've been away but I couldn't let Christmas pass by without a Christmas nail art mani :-)

I've not worn nail polish in a very long time. My nails grew to unsightly lengths with rugged edges and I just said 'Enough! I need to be pretty!', and this was the result.

I started with butter London Knees Up which a beautiful metallic red. I don't have many reds so it was an easy choice. I then sparklified it with OPI Gettin' Miss Piggy With It from the OPI Muppets collection of 2011. I originally stopped there, then the bf smudged my thumb nail so after I repainted it, I decided it needed more...

So armed with my $3 colour changing Christmas tree and Marshmallow Fireside from Bath & Body Works (which I ordered from eBay, I wanted a full size of the mini sampler I picked up overseas last year) I got to work. It didn't take me that long actually, I have done candy canes twice before (Advent 2010 and China Glaze Holiday 2010)! I just love the look.

No progress shots as I was motoring speedy gonzales style (so much cooking to do Christmas morning tomorrow!) but I have a couple of left/right hand shots:

My ambidexterity is a work in progress.

No SLR shots either but I tried to make them pretty in a few iPhone apps: picframe, picfx, bokehful and snapseed if you're interested. Loving my new iPhone 5 and you can really do a lot with those apps. So much fun to use too!

That's the Christmas table setup I've been working on. Most courtesy of Target except the place mats, candle holders and the Christmas coasters! How I'm going to fit the food on there tomorrow, I have no idea. Anyway hope you enjoyed the post, and have a wonderful Christmas. Happy Holidays everyone!

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