Friday, February 26, 2010

New Benefit Goodies

So my benefit cosmetics order from over a month ago finally arrived. I knew it would take forever - it was the same shipping type Amazon (for orders to Australia). This basically means it stops in every country on Earth and spends a few days travelling to the moon and back before it gets to you :-P But the dollar was good at the time and I couldn't resist the new (well WAS new) items:

So the two items that I actually ordered are up the top: Nice Melons velvet eye shadow and Zone Out lipgloss.

The purchase came with a free eye shadow (on the left), a sample of benefit eye con and dr. feelgood. Always nice to receive freebies :-) I swatched the shadow and gloss lightly on my hand:

I didn't really want to use much product so the swatches are light. Nice melons has a lovely peach sheen and zone out is a shimmery beige. I don't know why I chose that colour, I'm still going through my neutral/nude phase. The benefit brochure showed a bright pink one that looks so much nicer. Benefit lipglosses smell fruity though! It reminds me of these fruit scented felt pens I had when I was, erm, maybe 4 or 5 years old. Each colour would have a different smell - red would be strawberry, green watermelon etc etc. It was a nice childhood reminder.

Overall a good purchase. I'd probably wear the gloss over a lippy since it's so sheer, but I usually do anyway. And yay for more eye shadow! I'm building up a 'travel makeup bag' so these make wonderful new additions.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back from holidays... with more MAC

Long time no post! I'm back from my short trip to Perth and already back at work (hiss boo!) Did a lot of touristy things (Cottesloe beach, wineries, New Norcia, Rottnest Island) but managed to shop a little before my flight home Tuesday. I went to David Jones and found a MAC counter :-)

We don't actually have a MAC counter where I live so I was quite excited to swatch a million things. I thought it was my first MAC counter but no I've been to one in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. They are not as good as the Perth one though! I picked up Hue (glaze) lipstick, Satin Taupe (frost) eye shadow, Cranberry (frost) eye shadow and Artifact paint pot. I have been wanting Satin Taupe and Cranberry for a while. And I figured another paint pot can't hurt!

Hue is love. I personally like glaze lippies since I'm not overly into bold lip colours. They didn't have a tester for me to swatch so I had to ask, but they had plenty in stock. The lady that served me was also wooed by the colour of Hue :-)

So it comes up rubbish on my fair skin but I have darker lips so I could definitely tell the difference! The bottom one is swatched several times, and just once above it. I had to leave David Jones immediately after else I would have gotten carried away at the Bobbi Brown counter... but then again who wants to pay $50 AUD for a tiny metallic cream shadow... erm. Maybe me (sigh).

Thought I'd throw in a few photos from the Perth trip too. Margaret River chocolate factory easter selection (we didn't actually go to Margaret River this time, but we did last year and had to get more choccy!)

Next we have Black Swan winery. We didn't do any wine tasting here, we just stopped for coffee. However they had free range chooks out the back digging up dirt around the grape vines - so cute!

We also did a day trip to Rottnest Island (40 minute boat trip from Hilary's).

This was one of the marked snorkelling points. I didn't snorkel (wasn't feeling the greatest) but I'm told the snorkelling was much better than Brampton Island (where we went after Christmas). That said, the island itself has nothing on Brampton - if you really want that tropical island getaway - go to Queensland ;-) But I might be a bit biased since I grew up in Queensland :-)

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MAC Valentines Day Gift!

A short post before I pack for my Perth trip! I thought I had restrained myself quite well with the MAC in Lillyland collection (no blushes, brushes, or the pearlmatte eye shadow). But I ran out of concealer so the bf offered to get me another one and some more lillyland as a valentines day pressie :-)

I thought we said no pressies I exclaimed! I was a bit spoiled this year:

I just got the package today and I found TWO studio finish concealers! Along with the other two lillyland things I picked out - the 239 brush and the So Sweet, So Easy cremeblend blush.

I thought this was the only thing I'd get for Valentines day but the boy gave me a long stemmed rose, a balloon that says I love you and these YUMMY cupcakes:

I was completely surprised by what was inside this box! I'm quite obsessed with cupcakes myself and it's usually me surprising HIM with cupcakes for Valentines day / birthdays / random sundays. The chocolate ones were delicious. Very chocolate cakey and rich chocolate icing. Even though I had to work Saturday and Sunday, this was a very good Valentines Day :-)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lush Snow Fairy!

Is there such a thing as too much snow fairy? Hell no! I'm a bit miffed actually. I have been to my lush store in the city twice in the last few weeks or so and they didn't have any Christmas stock. I go there today to check for more x factor bath ballistics and what do I see? A whole TABLE of snow fairy in various sizes. Seriously! And the girl said it's buy 1 get 2 free and I'm like hello! Picked up my 3 500g Snow Fairy gels and walked to the counter :-D So including my online order, I have a wee bit of snow fairy to last me for the rest of the year:

I wish there was a good dupe for this. I'm yet to find it. Yummy yummy yummy isn't as nice I feel. And this snow fairy scent really lasts. Unlike rock stair which fades quite quickly (but don't worry I still love you), snow fairy really packs a sweet punch.

I also got 2 more ex factor ballistics and another magic mushroom bubble bar. They're just too darn cute and nice smelling.

OT, we celebrated our Valentines day early (since I'm working this weekend). We went to Sabayon after my little lush splurge and it was lovely. No entree because I wasn't overly hungry but I had the potato and roast garlic ravioli. Delicious. Then what I think was a mango and lemon grass sorbet to cleanse the palate. Then banana tarte tartin! We were in a fairly dark area so sadly, I took crap photos :-( The food blogger will come out one day ;-)

Instead you can have something to laugh at: me foiled up getting my hair lightened. I got foils of ash brown and honeycomb (or so I'm told). I had a long time to wait so I read up on my MAC spring forecast collection and trashy mags.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

MAC in Lillyland, Bodyshop and OPI Alice In Wonderland!

I have been dying for the MAC in lillyland collection to come out in Australia. Seriously. I wanted those lip gelees! I had originally decided on two (resort life and preppy, but after Lisa's blog post, I was completely sold on shift to pink! And personally I could do without the orange one, especially at 34AUD a piece.

So obviously couldn't go without the Pearlmatte face powder and thought hey while I'm at it (since there's free shipping), why not get the coconut ice nail polish:

These OPI Alice in Wonderland nail polishes came in the mail earlier this week, I'm stoked because the colours are gorgeous! I got Absolutely Alice (blue glitter) and Thanks so Muchness! (shimmery pinkish red, although I see a hint of pink glitter...)

Nail swatches to come! I also have a friend who's a body shop consultant, so I picked out these shimmer cubes eye shadow:

I'm interested to see how these go, I only swatched marshmallow (the lightest colour) and it had a good colour payoff. We shall see if this happens on the eye *suspicious look*. I'm hoping for a Veluxe Pearl / Starflash finish :-D

Well this is just a short post from me. Work is killing me right now, will have to work through the weekend :-( I'm also getting my hair done tomorrow - coloured this time. I very much hope for nice blonde foils and not ORANGE!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lush Valentines Goodies

Went to lush today to pick up a few valentine's goodies! I got the ex factor bath ballistic, love soap and magic mushroom bubble bar. And some permanent line soaps because I had a 10% voucher to use :-D

The regular soaps I picked up were The Godmother, Karma and Ice Blue (that was the bf's choice). She threw in a sample of Demon in the Dark which had a nice minty smell but I gave that to the bf, although I wanted it for myself (sigh).

Honestly the ex factor bath ballistic smells divine. It's described as vanilla scented magic and I wish I had gotten more than one! I think I'll save this one for valentines day (despite it being called ex factor :-P) The magic mushroom bubble bar is vanilla and strawberry scented, also very nice. The love soap is quite 'meh' for me, the scent is not strong but is described as ylang ylang and jasmine. And it's purdy :-) Oh but I love this little blue man! There weren't many left in the store so I'll probably have to order online if I want more.

OT, I saw the Alice in Wonderland nail polishes in David Jones but I'll just have to wait for my adorebeauty order to arrive :-) I did spy a new one that I hadn't seen before and it's gorgeous - Meet Me on the Star Ferry. SO pretty. I believe it's from the Hong Kong series.

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MAC Haul of sorts...

MAC had free shipping for orders over $60 on the Australian website. Well I have no MAC counter/store here so I thought bargain! Yeah it was for the first two products I added to my cart. Not when I got up to nine products :-| At least I wasn't fully suckered into the Warm & Cozy and Love Lace collections. Only got a MSF ;-) I read a lot of reviews on the shadesticks and they weren't overly positive so I skipped. I made up for it with paint pots. Well this is certainly the biggest black box I've received so far :-P

  • By Candlelight Mineralize Skin Finish

  • Constructivist Paint Pot

  • Rubenesque Paint Pot

  • All That Glitters Eye Shadow

  • Expensive Pink Eye Shadow

  • Studio Finish Concealer NW20

  • Viva Glam V Lipstick (yay for being in stock again)

  • 217 Blending Brush

  • Pencil Sharpener (can't for the life of me find my other one...)

In all honesty, I've had a rubbish week of working long hours and training so I've only been able to use the brush, MSF (so lovely by the way) and the lippy. Got the lipstick as a 'safe' lipstick to take with me travelling but it's almost disappointing how close to my lip colour it is. Going through a nude phase right now so maybe I should have picked something different... but I was too scared :-P MAC lippies are an expensive mistake to make! I did swatch the two eye shadows and pretty much squealed with delight when I saw expensive pink. I love the Veluxe Pearl finishes. Woodwinked is going to be very happy with its new friends and I can give grand entrance a rest.

I'm heading to Lush tomorrow so hopefully get some Valentine's goodies :-) Also need to pick up an eyebrow pencil at the Clinique counter so I might mosey on past the OPI stand (like I need MORE after I my recent Alice in Wonderland order) and perhaps Dior and YSL. Darn you youtube.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tokidoki Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary goodies

I'm a little late on the whole hello kitty 35th anniversary, but better late than never! Originally tokidoki's hello kitty range sold out quickly (well the cool stuff did). But they tweeted that they had new stock the other weekend so I quickly ordered my iPhone case and cosmetic case. An hour later they were sold out of the iPhone case! I meant to get it last year but they were sold out :-(

May as well include the Juicy Couture handbag I picked up in Melbourne a few years ago :-) I actually don't use this handbag much, I'm more of a shoulder bag person. But my guess bag was looking a little sad, and it was time for a switch (I actually have a tokidoki charm on it, namely this one :-) I'm itching for a new handbag. Hopefully I'll have a new LV when I return from Hawaii later this year :-D

The makeup case is pretty cute actually. I simply bought it to justify the postage on the iPhone case :-| It has little sleeves inside that you could put small brushes or compacts. Might take it to Perth with me later this month :-)

I blame my best friend for this hello kitty tokidoki obsession. Although I've branched out and purchased a few non hello kitty tokidoki t-shirts and I already have their gelskin iPhone case. Can't wait to put this new one on!
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