Monday, October 10, 2011

Simple Halloween Nail Art ideas

Hello! I am typing this post in between internet dropouts, apparently the ACT has been having some serious connectivity issues all long weekend. All I know is that I haven't had net since Saturday and I'm about to go insane! So in my boredom newly found freedom from the internet, I painted my nails. Twice.

Here is a simple recreation of one of my previous Halloween posts where I did spider webs.

The design is so simple. Black base, which in this case is OPI I Only Date Werewolves from the 2011 Halloween collection and OPI Alpine Snow. I started by making a cross with my usual small nail art brush, then another cross in the other direction. Then I painted two lines of webs in between the lines. So simple yet awesomely Halloween.

I kinda wanted to put a spider in but there was no room! Maybe if I had longer nails. I recently had to cut them all short and now they are only just starting to grow back. So this works for short nails! If you have really long nails you could drop a line down and have a spider on the tip of the nail. That would be cute.

Next up we have bats. And batty is exactly what I go when I have no internet! And I kinda stuffed the thumb but putting that awful OPI rapidry over black polish. Black was dragged everywhere. I was not happy.

Here is my thumb before I destroyed it! The base colour is Sephora by OPI Yes Your Lioness from the Safari Luxe collection. It isn't really a good Halloween orange but it was the closet one to me at the time. In fluorescent lighting, it looks pink! Very strange.

So for the other fingers I couldn't really fit two bats so I just drew the outline for one with a small nail art brush and Illamasqua Boosh.

Then I filled with black and dotted white for eyes! I did not use a dotter because I needed really tiny dots so I just lightly tapped with the same nail art brush.

And that is it for now! My skeletons are keeping me company at my desk. They are awesome. I need more. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these simple looks! I am eager to go into the dollar store tomorrow and get some Halloween decorations. I'm feeling festive and I cannot wait for Christmas! I need pumpkins stat. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and I shall see you next time!


  1. lovely manicures, both of them :-D
    love your skeletons to ;-)

  2. The spider web mani's very effective! xoxo

  3. @Fingers haha me too! I don't love spiders though :-S

    @Nail crazy thanks! the skeletons are what make it look so cool! They are awesome.

    @Vita thanks Vita :-)

  4. Thanks! At first I was gonna go with totally matte black with very glittery/shiny black french tips (it looks great and it's easy as pie if anyone wants to try it!) But I think I'm going rock the spiderwebs now! Love them!


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