Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Glow in the dark ghost nail art for Halloween!

Hey everyone! I am going away this weekend so I thought I'd post another Halloween nail art look earlier than usual. This time we have a plain ole ghost with a twist - it glows in the dark! Looks awesome with or without the glow in the dark polish:

If you're interested in seeing how I created this look, keep reading!

The materials used for this look were pretty simple. Left to right we have OPI Zom-body to Love, I Only Date Werewolves and Alpine Snow. I also use the same small nail art brush as usual. Let's get started!

To start off I painted my nails with two coats of OPI I Only Date Werewolves and cleaned the edges a little.

Next I just googled ghosts and tried to find some cute cartoons of ghosts. I tried a few designs before I was happy with this one. At this stage I simply took the nail art brush and did a rough outline of the ghost in OPI Alpine Snow. It does not need to be super neat as the white will be filled and you can always tidy the outer edges with more black.

After the outline was done I filled with the same brush.

When the white was dry I used the same nail art brush to draw the eyes of the ghost on each nail. The left eye was slightly smaller and rounder than the right eye. And they were kind of jelly bean shaped on the right.

After the eyes I drew a larger sort of jelly bean shape for the mouth. And you could stop there! The white against black is simple and effective. But if you want glowy nails, continue on...

Next I tested one nail with the glow in the dark polish to make sure a light layer was effective for the glow. You only need a thin layer of glow in the dark polish, you don't need full on green (or whatever colour glow in the dark polish you are using).

This is what it looks like with a thin layer of Zom-Body To Love. I used the same nail art brush to lightly go over the white parts of the ghost (being careful going around the eyes and mouth!) It would be great if I used a clear glow in the dark polish as the green doesn't look as good as white. I don't know if that exists!

And that is it! Looks a little scream-ish now that I'm staring at the glow in the dark version. Simple ghost nails for halloween that glow in the dark! I spent a lot of time playing with the manual settings on my camera and have a variety of shots but I liked the full dark shot the best.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this look and try it out. I'm off to Brisbane for the weekend so I will see you on my return! Have a lovely week and weekend everyone :-)


  1. omg love!!! I wish I could do something like that

  2. Whoa - love how it glows in the dark!

  3. love it, glow in the dark is nice touch :-D

  4. Thank you ladies! And Happy Halloween!

  5. That is so CUTE ! I love the tutorial ! Happy (belated) Halloween to you :)

  6. Happy belated Halloween to you too! Glad you enjoyed!

  7. hoping to do this for halloween this year!!!

    1. Awesome! I can't wait to get them out again this year :-D


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