Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Small MAC lippy purchase

I was having a bit of crap week last week so I ordered some MAC online as retail therapy. I really need to stop doing that! Anyhoo, it wasn't much, just a glaze lipstick and a (tinted) lipglass (and possibly a brush, heh).

When I opened the Gleam lipstick up at work I almost had a heart attack because I thought it was just like the Dream glaze lipstick from the MAC holiday collection. They *are* different, but as glazes, it's not very noticeable. Dream is much more pink.

I tried to do swatches with my fantastic Nikon Coolpix P80 but eventually rage gave up! So I'm thinking Gleam will make a good purse lippie to carry around. As for the Runway Fave (limited edition supposedly) lipglass, at first look I wasn't impressed with the way it looked on me under blazing heat lamps, but in natural light it's very pretty! This was more of a random "let's see how it goes" kind of purchase.

Then today I get the email for the darn Baroque Boudoir collection. It didn't come out as early as US/UK (but I set a gmail reminder for it so I could youtube all the wonderful videos before I made my selection :-) And good thing I did too, MAC website swatches are a bit tricky! I only ended up buying a lip gloss. Will post that next time ;-)

I can't really justify buying more MAC. I tend to use the reasoning that I'll regret not trying it out. E.g. if only I was aware of MAC when the Hello Kitty collection was out (my massive Sanrio collection is another story entirely). As hobbies go, this is a very expensive one!

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