Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mecca Cosmetics Purchase

Last weekend I was perusing Mecca Cosmetics at my local shopping centre when I came across the By Terry range. I had seen Laura's collective haul and thought that an ultra sheer blush is something I'd like to try (despite it's hefty price tag). Sadly, the Fresh Rose was sold out, so I ordered the Coral Rose. Since I was ordering online I decided to add another product so I could get the most out of my shipping costs (2 products for $10). I would have gone back to the store but once you factor in petrol, pay parking, and my ever-so-urgent need for blush, online shopping seemed like the way to go. And I don't know about you, but hectic holiday shopping is NOT something I enjoy. So this is what I got:

I was pleasantly surprised by the free samples you were offered upon check-out so I added the two creams at the back of the photo. And yes my second purchase was a Nars blush in that colour:

I tried the By Terry blush today, it's quite lovely and it *does* smell so sweet. I was walking around today and still smelling it. Not as sheer as I expected but I like it. And for 110AUD I'm using every last drop :-)

And to their credit, the Mecca order was beautifully wrapped in purple tissue paper and placed in their gift bag:

I'm such a sucker for lovely packaging. I was actually shopping again today when I saw a lady in front of me carrying THREE large sized Mecca gift bags. I wonder what was in them! I really liked the Mecca Cosmetics website so I followed up my purchase with a second order - this time as a Christmas gift for my bf, which was in the Kiehl's range:

I'm interested to know how it goes because my bf definitely needs a decent pre-shave scrub. Have given him a few things from the Clinique and Clarins range so we'll see how this goes.

As a follow up to my last post, I tried OPI's Mauving to Manitoba and I don't mind it. It's not really my colour, it's too 'safe' for me. It's a nice burgundy but I really wanted something bright and fuchsia coloured, so maybe next time :-)

I think next post will be a Holiday Lush related post. Seriously, who doesn't love lush!

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