Friday, August 12, 2011

Orly Happy Go Lucky swatches and Vacation Update!

Hi everyone, I have some Orly swatches today and a little bit of a nail design at the end :-) This collection is called Happy Go Lucky and I believe it's the 'back to school' collection.

Left to right we have four bright colours, each starting with 'F': Frisky, Flirty, Frolic and Fresh. All are cremes except Flirty which has a gorgeous shimmer as you will see below :-)

Above we have Frolic with no top coat so you can see the finish - this was actually one coat so and you can see how much coverage you get with just one coat!

Above is Frolic with now two coats and a top coat.

Above we have Flirty with no top coat and just one coat of polish. That shimmer is to die for. If you're a pink polish lover, this is for you. I don't normally go for pinks but after putting on this polish I was just @_@ at my nails. So barbie, so pink.

Above is Flirty with now two coats of polish and a top coat. Dang this is gorgeous!

Above is Frisky with two coats, no top coat. It was more uneven than Flirty and Frolic so required two coats to be 'presentable' in terms of a swatch.

Above is Frisky, still two coats but with a top coat this time. Top coats make everything look nice. It's a nice sky blue and it makes a great addition to my creme nail art polish stash :-)

Above is Fresh with three coats and no top coat. I found this polish the most difficult to work with in terms of formula, hence the three coats. Orly brushes are very thin so that might have something to do with it.

Above is Fresh again with a top coat and still three coats of polish. It's a little 'sickly' green if you don't cover up each coat in the exact same place but to me this would make a great halloween polish! Not so much back to school :-P

And while I was in video conversion hell trying to rip videos for my Motoral Xoom tablet, I decided to do some funky bubble nails. Yes with a pink background. Everytime I look at them I think of that Sodastream commercial on tv and the dude yelling 'Sodastream is back! Get busy with the fizzy!' :-P Omg that ad annoyed me so much when they were spamming it non stop! Now you can all watch too! Haha.

I left the bubbles overnight and thought they could do with some extra cuteness so I drew purple starfish the next day!

Well I hope you enjoyed the swatches and the designs and I hope you're all having a lovely week! I am currently staying at one of the Disneyland resorts, I've just had a full day at Disneyland and I am absolutely exhausted! We have taken thousands of pictures but we have only JUST gotten some free net here! Wifi is so precious and scarce overseas :P Here are a few piccies...

This is part of Hollywood Blvd - the craziest tourist spot I have EVER been to so far. Do not attempt to walk around here when there are movie premiers! There were two when we were staying here - 30 minutes or less and Final Destination 5. Totally crazy. I have little patience for crowded walkways!

Next we havee Rodeo Dr - the shopping destination in Beverly Hills. We came through here twice - once on a hop on hop off bus so we could walk around, the second on a movie star homes tour (where I actually saw Johnny Depp driving his black Porche in the Hollywood Hills weeeee!)

This is the view from our room at the Disneyland Resort - freaking awesome! Eventually the sun came out and it was so hot walking around.

And if you're interested, I am in the process of making daily videos of my adventures so check out thisleanne on youtube for 3 vids so far - I have linked the first below:

My apologies for the quality - there is only so much you can do with an iPhone 3gs and no macbook or lappy ;-) Ok I really must sleep now! Until next time my lovelies...


  1. Aaahh that is so CUTE!!! You are so good at nail art!!

  2. Flirty is GORGEOUS! :) & Love the stars!

  3. @Em thank you so much!

    @Vintage Flirty is absolutely gorgeous. I'm such a sucker for sparkly pinks :-D

    @Miss Starshiny I love purples in all forms so I swatched this one first in anticipation :-P

    I must apologize for late replies - I have been without net for several days and am going cray cray :-S


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