Sunday, September 25, 2011

OPI Spookettes Halloween 2011 and Jack o'lantern nail art!

Hello lovelies! I finally got around to trying the OPI Spookettes mini collection for Halloween 2011. It is almost identical to the 2009 collection. There is a glow in the dark polish as well as 3 cremes - black, white and orange. I was inspired and came up with Jack o'lanterns:

I googled jack o'lanterns for facial expressions whilst watching the Japanese version of The Ring Friday night. So this halloween theme seemed appropriate :-D More on the nail art later, first let's see swatches!

I have skeletons! I went to the Chemist the other day and they had a little stand of quite frankly, junk, and then I saw this collection of skeletons and at $2.95 I could not resist :-) They were my inspiration for the jack o'lanterns! Anyway, left to right we have He's My Boo, Mummy Knows Best, I Only Date Werewolves and lastly Zom-Body To Love (glow in the dark). Oh and they come with FREE spooky nail decals:

The white didn't photograph well but you can see on the box above there's also webs and little 'trick or treat' decals.

Onto the swatches! Above is He's My Boo and while I thought it was identical to the 2009 version Tattoo You Want Candy? it looks a little lighter:

He's My Boo is on the right. So in comparing 2009 with 2011 the blacks looks black and the whites looks white however I would say this orange slightly different. But not much :-P

Above is Mummy Knows Best. Appears to be just like Alpine Snow and the 2009 I Love Mummy. I did not like this formula though. But I think mine were a little gloopy :-(

I Only Date Werewolves above. Not much to say here. I think it was 2-3 coats (as was everything due to the gloopiness of my particular batch).

Above is Zom-Body To Love in I don't know how many coats as I lost count. Clearly this is used for layering over the top of another polish. But at least it's green (unlike the blue-purple polish that was 2009's glow in the dark). Very Halloweeny!

About 3-4 coats over Mummy Knows Best.

Weee it glows in the dark! This only took half an hour for me to play with camera settings and timers and light switches (sigh). Anyway, back to the nail art!

I started with the black polish as a base, then drew pumpkin shapes (which also look like apples now that I think about it) in white. This makes the orange below nice and opaque:

I could have used just the orange but the black would have shown through. A white base is good because you can decide on your shape then fill for colouring in later.

Now I know pumpkins typically have darker lines to mark the sections but I didn't have one and I thought this China Glaze would do nicely. This is Sun Worshiper from the 2010 summer collection I believe. It is very neon. I did not think I would find a use for this ever again. Imagine my delight Friday night as I was painting over my pumpkins :-D

Now after the China Glaze I decided to continue watching the Ring whilst playing Heroes of Newerth and finishing my pumpkins. In my multitasking madness I forgot to take progress swatches of the faces :-( Basically I painted the stems of the pumpkin green with Essie Pretty Edgy then painted the faces in black/I Only Date Werewolves.

Grrr! Arrrgh! My skeleton inspiration :-P

Then came the hard part. I wanted my faces to glow so I went over the facial expressions with the glow in the dark polish. Sadly, I did not go to enough effort to try and capture it nice and glowy like the Zom-Body To Love swatch above :-(

But you get the idea! hehe!

Bad photo :-| Boo. I will try better next time... if there is one :-P Anyway, in all this glowing and photo taking I noticed that my bath and body works pocket bac antibacterials were GLOWING. I did not know that when I picked up this stash during my USA holiday:

Fricken LOVE bath and body works. I would have bought more if my suitcase could fit it :-( We went to the one on South Street Seaport:

This little shopping mall has a wonderful view of the Brooklyn Bridge (excuse the dodgy iPhone shots, I'm still going through our camera photos!)

This is the view from the South Street Seaport mall on one of the levels. Lovely.

For some reason I had always imagined Bath & Body Works to be so much bigger? It was this tiny little store!

Anyway where was I? These are the Halloween hand sanitisers they had for 2011. And when I turned off the lights, looky here!

3 of them glow in the dark @_@ I did not know that! How cool is that? Anyway, I have rambled and posted way too many pictures again so I better go and do some chores or my tax or something haha. I hope you enjoyed the post, the nail art and are having an absolutely lovely weekend. The weather has been cold windy and rainy here, not very spring at all! I eagerly await the long weekend next weekend. Until next time...


  1. i love, love, love this manicure *.*
    and mummy knows best - i want it so much that it hurts ;-)

  2. Very cool, and I love the Bath and Body Works stuff!

  3. I love the Jack O Lantern design!

  4. These pumpkins are adorable! I love the Halloween season, always the best polishes and nail art! Thanks for swatching the OPI collection, it's good to know that it's pretty similar to the 2009 stuff.

  5. Thank you ladies, much appreciated. I am keen to do more when work stops stressing me out!

  6. I am impressed with your mani art. Love how the lanterns looks like they have the lighted candles! Very creative!

  7. @Mariposa Thank you so much! The glow in the dark polish came in handy here :-)

  8. This manicure is amazing. I am absolutely going to try it this season. Mind if I post about my results?

    1. Sure, I would love to see the finished product, please link me when you have :-)


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