Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Simple star nail art with butter London HRH, Shambolic

Hi everyone, this is a short post to show you the gorgeousness of two purple butter London's - HRH with Shambolic. I also painted a few stars because I just can't stop after painting my nails ;-)

HRH is a metallic purple with micro blue flecks. Shambolic is a glitter polish very similar to HRH with blue and purple glitter with also bigger pink glitter chunks. Gorgeous!

These colours were made to be paired together @_@ Or I just like purple, it's a bit of both I think...

I received Shambolic for Christmas from the lovely bf, it was a part of a holiday set with other glitter polishes (yet to be worn, for shame!) HRH I think I purchased from a beauty salon that unfortunately closed down. I only did about one coat of Shambolic over 2-3 coats of HRH (some fingers were 3 coats where the polish applied a bit thinly). The glitter polish does appear to run clear so it should be paired with a base polish.

And just because I wanted to paint *something* I figured stars would be appropriate, with a shooting star on the thumb. I had no design intentions, just painted and dotted wherever :-) I used OPI Alpine Snow as usual. Little bit messy but hey I was watching Kourtney and Kim take Miami! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and I'll see you next time!


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