Saturday, June 26, 2010

Back from Hawaii! Day 1 video...

Well I'm exhausted! I just had 9 days in beautiful Hawaii. I didn't blog much because the net access wasn't overly reliable, and rather difficult to work with on the iPhone. I spent a bit at MAC. Several trips worth. But this was the major one:

I've got another MAC to the beach haul coming up, just waiting for my order to arrive. Got some things in the USA too because it's so darn cheap :-|

But basically I got a bunch of palettes, eye shadow, blush and quads. As well as MANY eye shadows to go in them. I had been saving the list for Hawaii :-)

Also got the MAC to the beach bag because 1) I can't get it online and 2) I was going snorkeling at Hanauma Bay and I didn't have a beach bag. The place is gorgeous:

What I love about Hawaii is the birdlife. Birds everywhere and there's wild chickens just roaming about! I grew up with chickens so I was stoked when I captured this gorgeous chicken under a park bench at Hanuama Bay:

And I did manage to do 'quick' day by day videos of my time in Hawaii. Let's begin with Hawaii Day 1. My apologies for any failing, I only just figured some settings out towards the end of my stay (sigh). And this was recorded on my iPhone!

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