Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day nails with Orly Oh Cabana Boy

Hi everyone, hope you had a fantastic Christmas with friends and family. My day was lovely but unfortunately I've woken up sick with a cold this morning :-( Nothing a cute mani can't fix right? So I present to you, Orly Oh Cabana Boy and Shine on Crazy Diamond:

I know it's been pouring with rain here in Queensland all week but I refuse to let summer pass me by. Let's just pretend it's sunny shall we?

These two Orly polishes were a gift from the bf for getting through my exec presentation (scary to say the least). I have been eyeing off Shine on Crazy Diamond for a while then I spotted Oh Cabana Boy and it was love.

Oh Cabana Boy is a bright blue pink with a subtle shimmer, and Shine on Crazy Diamond has a prettiest rainbow glitter. Actually I've been a bit naughty these holidays and have picked up quite a few new Orly minis... tsk tsk.

Anyway I thought I'd share a few more photos with you in case I'm completely incapacitated over the next few days... I've turned into bird lady apparently so meet my new friend the butcher bird:

Butcher birds have the loveliest song and she's been coming to see me the past two days. So adorable.

So it's been raining pretty much nonstop so ponds have formed in my backyard. And you know it's bad when ducks start floating on by...

And of course Bluey, who is adorable when he's sleeping but not when he's attempting to chase my butcher bird. Well that's it from me at the moment, hope everyone is having a lovely holiday!

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