Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nicole by OPI Have a Heart and Virtuous Violet

Hi there! Meet my new friend, he's a very cute kookaburra and loves to sit on our porch. Isn't he (er or she) adorable? He shall be showing you my two new Nicole by OPI polishes - Have a Heart and Virtuous Violet:

I picked up these two polishes in a pharmacy in Brisbane. I don't know if I've seen these in Canberra but I know that they've been out for quite a while. I decided to of course get the purple called Virtuous Violet and Have a Heart (the other pink hearts one was not there).

Flash shot of Virtuous Violet above. This was three coats and was still quite sheer and thin in formula. Since I'm on holidays I don't have my regular fonts or photo editing software so bear with me :-)

Without flash above. And since it's been raining forever, no sun to reveal the prettiness of this polish. But it's purple and I'm biased, make of it what you will ;-) Up close the polish has very pretty blue shimmer mixed in with the purple.

I decided to layer Have a Heart on top of Virtuous Violet. Oh boy does that take some patience. As the formula of the clear polish with subtle glitter is quite sticky and glue like, it's best to put that down first without picking up hearts (although it's not easy to get any hearts with just the brush, you have to go fishing). I would recommend finding some other applicator to fish out and apply the hearts. The brush on its own can be frustrating. 

I think the only downside to these hearts is that they are a bit tricky to apply, and given the surface of your nail, they tend to stick up on the smaller nails where as they lie nice and flat on your thumb nail. Please excuse my messy nails as I didn't bring any of my mani essentials with me for this trip!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy and let me know if there are any other Nicole by OPI polishes that you like, I would love to check them out. Still feeling cold/fluey so I'm off to take some Betadine and lie down for a while :-) Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!

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