Sunday, May 15, 2011

Orly Pin Up Summer 2011 collection swatches!

Wow is all I can say about Orly Pin Up for summer 2011. As soon as I saw the promo images for this collection I was sold. So much glitter! Purple and green are one of my favourite colour combinations, they look so pretty together.

Left to right we have Coquette Cutie, Here Comes Trouble, Bubbly Bombshell and Va Va Voom! If you think the left and right polishes look similar, you would be right! One is slightly more coral and the other is more hot neon pink. Onto the swatches!

Above is Va Va Voom, a neon pink creme. And wow it's bright! I believe I did 2-3 coats for the creme polishes. And to give you an idea of what they look like without a topcoat, here is Va Va Voom minus the topcoat:

I really like this finish, it seems less in your face as the shiny bright topcoat version :-)

Above is Coquette Cutie a coral creme. Less intense than va va voom but still quite bright.

Above is Bubbly Bombshell and these glitters do not have top coats so you can better see the glitter. Quite like this one even though it's on the pink side of purple. These glitters have two sizes of glitter in the polish, one micro and one slightly larger. You'll see what I mean further below on the Here Comes Trouble swatches. Another thing to note about these glitter polishes is that they do have a base colour so it will change the colour of whatever you put it on top of ever so slightly.

Above is Here Comes Trouble and you can see what I mean about the base colour. The edges look slightly greenish yellow and that's what the polish looks like if you don't where a lot of coats or layer it on another colour. Another thing to note is that I lost count of the coats I did :-) I basically did enough to get a good coverage.

I like the name of this polish though. I think if a polish could be named after me it would be Here Comes Trouble. I'm always a trouble maker at work :-( But I don't find trouble, trouble finds me I swear...

So when I had the green glitter on I was inspired to draw some butterflies on my nails because of these cheap green butterfly earrings I own.

There's a better picture of the earring. Even managed some little gems on the drawn butterfly. Cute right! Well I don't know what happened but halfway through I became really uninspired, mainly because I didn't have the right greens and pretty much rage quit. I should have done purple butterflies, I would have liked those better!

Here's a 1-2 coat application of Here Comes Trouble to give you an idea of the glitter particles and the icky green base colour. I think this nasty yellow is what also put me off my nail art. Oh well!

Anyway that's all I have for today! I was a little hesitant to post this after the major blogger issues of last week (and I believe I still don't have my comments back from my last post :-( but I'll just throw caution to the wind and post this one :-) I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend and I shall see you next time!


  1. Love the glitters! Shame about the opacity issues though :( The butterfly is so cute!!

  2. Gorgeous butterfly. What a fun collection of colours!

  3. Bubbly Bombshell is GORGEOUS! I'm in love!

  4. Thanks everyone! The purple glitter is my favourite :-D


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