Friday, May 27, 2011

Angry Birds Nail Art feat. the birds!

Hello! I have something special tonight. You might have seen my earlier post of Angry Birds nail art feat. the piggies, so of course I had to do the birdies! And here they are:

You could say I was fairly angry doing this nail art because it was so fiddly! As usual I started with the thumb:

And that was my inspiration for the background - stripes of light and dark blue - I used OPI Ogre the top blue and What's with the cattitude (and let me say: OPI Shrek collection - best ever nail art go to colours ever):

Progress shot above. I can't say that I did too well with the stripes. I don't know why it didn't occur to me to use a thinner stripe brush rather than the brush of the mini bottle of what's with the cattitude. Figured most of it was going to get hidden anyway :-)

Another progress shot above, almost halfway there I think? Maybe not quite. I didn't have any particular order, I worked on bits over each nail that required the colour I was holding.

Last progress shot above. I didn't have all the right beak colours so had to make do with what I had. I think it turned out ok :-)

Hehe. Love the red bird plushie.

Another thumb shot - red bird on red bird plushie!

Now unfortunately when I went to put the top coat on, the pinky wasn't quite dry so now he looks even more stressed out haha. But the others are still good so I'm happy with this.

Anyway, it's really late and I have to be up in oh 6 hours so I better get to bed! I hope everyone has a happy Friday and a fabulous weekend. I've had a pretty 'angry' week due to work being so frustrating so this was a good stress reliever for me :-) Until next time my lovelies...


  1. I LOVE this! :) Just lovely, so creative

  2. I am so happy to let you know that You rock and I have featured your angry bird in my wordplay party. :) Loved your idea and thanks for the inspiration.
    Come and see,
    and You can also grab your featured button if you like, I will be glad you did. :)
    I am following for updates on more cool nail arts

    1. Absolutely LOVED that post of yours! I want an angry birds party now :-D

  3. I LOVE YOUR NAILS!!! I have a nail blog of my own and I copied your idea for my blog :)


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