Sunday, May 29, 2011

Keroppi Nail Art

To continue with the Sanrio nail art theme I've been going with lately, I decided to try my favourite character Keroppi. I don't know why I love this silly little frog. He is awesome and I have been collecting Keroppi stuff for a long time. Oh he also has the same birthday as me :-D Yeah I don't know why Sanrio characters have birthdays... but here we are:

So instead of drawing Keroppi 5 times I decided to draw Keroppi with some of his friends.

This was my inspiration. First sanrio drawer revealed this Keroppi sticker puzzle. Made in Japan 1994. Awesome.

As usual I started with the thumb to see how much I'm going to suck :-P I think this is actually my *third* attempt. I tried various backgrounds and was happiest with Essie's Pretty Edgy. A good solid green base.

Next progress shot involved me drawing the outline of the frog heads on each remaining nail. It doesn't really matter how messy you are, you just have to get the general shape ok. Everything can be touched up later.

Next I filled the eyes with China Glaze Snow and the heads with Sally Hansen Green With Envy. This is a great keroppi green. Was very happy with that discovery. I also did most of my touch ups here.

Next I drew the first two friends Noberun and Keroleen apparently. I was using the sticker as a guide for these particular expressions.

Final progress shot pre-topcoat. The last two are named Ganta and Keroppe apparently! I only ever knew Den Den the snail as I would draw him all over my Maths book. As you do, because quite frankly maths class sucks.

Materials used shown above. Well these were the basic colours used most frequently. I believe I also used MAC Ice Cream Cake for the cheeks as well as Throb by Illamasqua. That would be it! Nice and simple.

'Ahh my eye! My eye!'

Another thumb shot above. I picked up this Keroppi bath toy in Hawaii last year. They need to make more Keroppi stuff. It's all about the hello kitty lately. Bring back Keroppi! Well that's all I have for now. I hope you enjoyed the look and if you don't know who Keroppi is, you do now :-) Hope everyone is having a nice relaxing weekend. I had a bit of a chilli 'incident' and my hands have been burning for HOURS! Soo not chopping chillis ever again. Hmph. Until next time!


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