Sunday, September 16, 2012

Easy Lady Beetle Nail Art!

Hi everyone! I have a cute little design that's super easy to do - lady beetles!

So in Australia at the moment InStyle magazine is giving away two different butter London polishes with their latest issue and I picked up a gorgeous red called 'Pillar Box Red':

*Lady beetle not included :-) I found that little lady beetle when I was clearing out a box the other day and I thought it would make a super cute nail design. Anyway, we pay at least $20 to buy butter London polishes from authorised retailers! And for $8.95 to get a butter London polish included is an awesome deal. I don't own many reds so this makes a nice addition to my collection:

This polish is simply gorgeous. It's a little runny to apply so be careful around the edges but I only needed one coat!

As usual not much is needed - I prep with Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle oil and use the Double Duty Base & Top Coat. I used three nail art tools - a hard wide brush to clean around the edges of my nails with Acetone, a small nail art brush to paint the lines and face, a dotting tool and two more colours, an opaque black and white polish.

So this design doesn't take that long to do I promise! The hardest part is probably trying to get a straight line down the nail in step 2 shown above. The curved head in step 3 is simply outlined with the nail art brush then filled with the polish brush (a mini bottle helps with smaller areas). Step 4 alternated between the large and small ends of the dotting tool. You can also apply less polish or gently dot to get a variety of sizes.

The last two steps are super easy - step 5 is a little tricky if you use a nail art brush to get that oval shape but I think you could also use the dotting tool and drag the colour around to make a bigger circle. Step 6 simply uses the dotting tool to dot the two eyes on each nail and hey presto you're done!

Kudos to the bf for taking this last picture and patiently listening to my Hipstamatic app instructions ;-) I have been running around the house like a crazy girl with my hands extended going 'lady beetle power raaaaaaaaaaaah!' Too much nail polish fumes perhaps :-P I really like this design but since I was copying my little beetle decoration I thought of different things I could have done afterwards - perhaps there needs to be a lady beetles part 2 down the track here! Anyway I hope you enjoyed this look and try it out for yourself. See you next time!

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