Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Enchanted forest mushrooms... shopping, and a day by the lake!

Welcome to my enchanted forest mushies look! Deary me, it took me a couple of attempts but finally I was happy with them:

I am embarrassed to admit that this was inspired by Farmville :-/ They had a fairy tale/enchanted forest theme and I just loved the purple trees they had going so I took it to mushroom form :-) I used these pretties for the look:

Left to right we have Rumple's Wiggin' (light purple from the Shrek OPI collection), a mini Orly limelite, Funkey Dunkey (purple also from the Shrek OPI collection), Sephora by OPI Metro Chic, Essie Pretty Edgy and China Glaze Snow. Whew! What a lot of polishes. The base coat was Rumple's Wiggin' - a gorgeous light purple cream, then I drew the stalk of the mushroom and filled it with Metro Chic. After that I drew the mushroom top with Funkey Dunkey and added white spots with China Glaze snow. I was going to leave it as this because it was so cute:

I wanted it to be a little more 'enchanting' ;-) So I added Essie Pretty edgy as grass. Then decided to add some sparkle with Orly limelite. Progress shot below:

Limelite is really gorgeous, especially over other colours. Thumb swatch below:

Well after I drew my mushies I went out for lunch and cupcakes at the Canberra Centre. There is this fountain right outside the cupcake shop:

And we've switched to iPhone quality shots. You've been warned :-) Onto the cupcakes! I have posted about this shop before - Jazz Apple cafe:

Big claim. Best of where? I don't know. But we always turn up late and only have a few to choose from:

I picked up the yellow lemon meringue cupcake and the bf had the toffee looking one on the right. I can't remember what flavour it was. I still have the same opinion of these cupcakes, perhaps they weren't fresh but the cake is a little too dry and the cream too much. But I felt like pretty cupcakes :-)

We took our cupcakes to eat at Lake Burley Griffin, which is a lovely place to picnic (and many people were). The lake is well known for the Captain Cook Memorial Water Jet:

I shall be returning soon for a picnic and the SLR to take some better photos! There was also the Captain Cook memorial itself:

Which had a nice timeline of historic events, bringing back school memories :P

I can't believe I have been living in Canberra for 6 years and I never knew this was here? I've sat maybe 50 metres away (twice!) for Skyfire and yet never noticed the big globe fountain... sigh.

Yay onto my purchases! Purple flower havaianas (slim prints). I have been hunting these pretties down for ages! They never have my size. Purple and grey = love.

Saved the best until last! I caved and decided that breaking my nails wasn't worth it - I bought the Pandora clasp opener and my second charm, the Mother of Pearl.

The opener works a treat and the charm is lovely. I was going to get purple but didn't really like the shade as much as this one above. Well I hope you enjoyed this look and my apologies for the lengthy non nail related post - it was a bit of a 'day in the life' kind of post :-) Let me know if you liked it!

Oh and I have also managed to get a nasty head cold so I've spent most of my week in bed :-( I really want to be better for the weekend to try some new polishes. But let's see if I make it! Until next time lovelies...


  1. You did a great nail art. I really like all your manicures.

  2. Take care! Must be the week for that, I have a cold too. The mushrooms are cute :)

  3. Thank you ladies! Glad you like them :-) It's not normally the season for colds here but half my team is off sick at the moment. I guess we all caught the same thing!


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