Sunday, March 24, 2013

OPI Oz The Great and Powerful Collection Swatches

It's not often I buy entire OPI collections and half of these are really these are minis but I thought I'd swatch them since they are so pretty! Excuse the broken nail on the middle finger, I love it how I can go a whole week with perfect nails then break one an hour before I plan to do swatches.

All swatches are two coats except for the skittle mani bottom left above which simply had one coat of Lights of Emerald City.

First we have I Theodora You, a light cream pink that is somewhat streaky to apply and needs a little extra care when painting.

Next we have Don't Burst My Bubble, a pale cream pink that is beautiful to apply and wear. I'm getting married this time next year and I'm seriously considering a full size of Don't Burst My Bubble as my wedding mani. Serious contender here. It's like having a subtle french mani without having tried hard.

Third we have Glints of Glinda a light tan cream which is easy to apply.

Last of the minis we have What Wizardry Is This? This is a liquid sand polish in a blackened gold. It's not as bumpy and annoying as I imagined it would be and it applies wonderfully.

The first glitter polish I'm showing is When Monkeys Fly! over What Wizardry is This? Huge gold glitter chunks with two smaller sized glitter pieces. It's gorgeousness speaks for itself.

Second glitter polish is Which is Witch? Small holographic silver glitter chunks with little shards of the same. Very pretty over the creams. This is shown over I Theodora You.

The last glitter polish is Lights of Emerald City which I bought last as it was sold out originally. Unique white chunks of glitter which will obviously be a royal pain to remove like all glitters but lovely over the other polishes:

My personal faves are Lights of Emerald City over I Theodora You and Don't Burst My Bubble. One mani from last week (from instagram):

Well I'm all swatched out. Hope you enjoyed the swatches and I'll see you next time :-)

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