Sunday, March 17, 2013

St Patrick's Day Nail Art - Pot of Gold

Hi everyone, long time no post :-) Happy St Patrick's Day! I wasn't planning on doing any nail art, I was just painting my nails with OPI Mermaid's Tears. Later I felt like getting into the St Patty's spirit...

I don't own a lot of greens that I'm prepared to wear on my nails for fear of staining but I know OPI is a pretty safe brand to use. I chose Mermaid's Tears from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection to wear this weekend.

I also wanted a chance to use When Monkeys Fly from the latest Oz collection and although the glitter chunks were a bit too big for my lil pots of gold, they were still good when mixed with Sephora By OPI's Only Gold For Me top coat:

I really wanted to do shamrocks this year as well but I decided to go with all pots of gold. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the nail art and I'll see you next time :-)


  1. Fantastic Leanne! So much more original than all the green shamrock mani's going around - including *cough* mine! More posts from you please xo

    1. I love your mani! Green is so hard for me to work with, maybe I just love purple too much :) Oooh purple shamrocks @_@


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