Monday, July 5, 2010

A Haul of Mini Essies! And Hawaii Day 4 :-)

Don't you hate it when you can't decide on a nail polish from a collection? Why not get all I say :-P Well almost all, here we have the two mini sets from the Essie Summer and Essie Resort collections. I believe there's only two missing and that's from the summer collection. I feel I need them too :-P

I was on the lookout for these in Hawaii but sadly I couldn't find any new collection Essie, but I found a truckload of other Essie polishes! Nordstrom didn't stock them at Ala Moana (despite standing next to a seasonal Essie 4 pack set while asking them if they sold Essie...) So I perused online and purchased the minis of the Essie Summer and Essie Resort collections. I dislike working with mini brushes but they're not too bad to apply. The two that stick out to me are Knockout Pout and Haute as Hello but I decided to go with Knockout Pout first:

That's two coats. It's quite glossy because of the Seche Vite topcoat but really it was quite matte without. I'd give you a non flash photo but let's be honest, Canberra won't be showing the sun again until October :-P Haha kidding. The sun goes down just after 4pm and I'm still at work so no daylight swatches for me :-( But knockout pout is gorgeous! So bright, so girly. I feel the need for a full sized bottle... hmmm.

Here's a short clip for Hawaii Day 4. We went snorkeling and I haven't touched the underwater camera videos so this video is basically a shopping trip :-P Victoria Secret is nice but crazy hectic.

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