Friday, July 30, 2010

New NARS Only You Eye and Cheek Palette!

What a brilliant start to the weekend! New package from Mecca Cosmetica and it's my new NARS palette :-D With something else that was super pricey that I'll review later :-) So I haven't known about NARS for all that long, and it's taken me a while to hunt down both previous limited edition eye shadow palettes (although I still think you can get the Day & Night palette on the NARS website if you are in the UK/US/EU) but NARS palettes make me extremely happy. I think it's because the colours are so darn expensive to buy individually. Palettes are definitely for the win. There's something different about this palette though, it's in a zipped pouch:

You can't remove it from the pouch and the zipper has the NARS logo engraved on it. Colours of the palette are still a sticker on the back of the pouch. What I love is that this palette takes beautiful colours from single and eye shadow duos - the colours are Alahambra (golden shimmery champagne), Mekong (dark shimmery brown), Eurydice (shimmery purple plum) and Pandora (matte black).

I especially love Alahambra (will this replace my MAC grand entrance?) which can also be purchased as an eye shadow duo. Swatches are below:

All up a great palette. Not only do you have a gorgeous quad of eye shadow colours, you have a blush and highlighter as well. Great for travel! And given that NARS orgasm is the only blush I took on my last holiday, this seems like the perfect travel companion. Hungry heart didn't show up well on my arm, but it was there and it was pretty :-)

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