Sunday, July 18, 2010

MAC Originality nail polish and small haul!

I have been meaning to get this LE nail polish for ages but I kept forgetting. MAC originality came out with the Pret-a-papier collection. It is a frost and it looks very pretty in the bottle:

It's a bronzy gold colour and with two coats, very easy to apply.

Flash shot above. Here's a foggy Canberra morning shot!

I don't know why but I feel disappointed with this colour. It looks pretty in the bottle but perhaps it is better suited to a darker skin tone. It looks washed out on my pale hands :-P

Onto the haul. I don't know why I get suckered into new lip gloss. I hate sticky lipgloss and quite frankly glitter on the lips doesn't really appeal but I just had to try :-) I got 2 of the new superglass (well new in Australia) lip glosses with my MAC originality nail polish. And a MAC to the beach eye shadow because I wanted the pretty sea shell green packaging. Such a sucker for new and pretty :-|

Oh my gosh these are glittery. I swatched on my hands and it took a shower, several hand washes to 1) get the stickyness off and 2) get the glitter off. I thought I had showered in a lush glitter bath ballistic I had that much glitter left on my hand.

There is really a lot of big glitter in that swatch. Big. Chunky. I'm interested to see how these go over some of my lippies. I think these may be worth it if you wanted to try the big bold colours in the collection. These two shades? Nothing special. I think I prefer the lip gelee's that came in out the lillyland collection. Those were super glittery but not so tacky.

UPDATE: Oh my gosh. If you thought getting glitter off your nails was hard, this Originality polish is even worse! I'm fairly certain I have molten rock glued to my nails :-|

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