Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mummy Nails Tutorial for Halloween!

Hey everyone! I'm glad some of you liked my Mummy Nails from my last post, I have a quick piccy tutorial where I show you the tools I used for this look at each step. We are aiming to achieve these happy mummy nails shown here:

And let us begin!

Above are the materials I used. Left to right we have OPI Alpine Snow, A-taupe the Space Needle, French Quarter for Your Thoughts, Fiercely Fiona and I Only Date Werewolves. At the front I have the 3 nail art tools I used and you'll see them more clearly below.

First as the base I used OPI's A-taupe the Space Needle but you could use anything really.

Next I took this flat wide nail art brush and used OPI Alpine snow to create the head shape. Basically start small, get bigger than go smaller again. About 5 overlapping strokes.

After I used the flat brush to get the shape, I filled in the head with a small nail art brush.

Next I used the same nail art brush to carefully outline the head shape. This was using OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts. I outlined the top two bandage layers and the bottom layer. The next step was to get the 'cross' bandage by drawing a double line and joining it up with the second bottom layer. Then halfway down that first diagonal bandage, draw another double line connecting to the second bottom layer.

I felt that the mummy heads didn't contrast enough with my background so I drew a thin layer of OPI Alpine Snow around the mummy heads so that they would stand out more. If you choose different colours, you probably won't need to do this!

Next I used my Orly dotter to dot two eyes on the face in Alpine Snow, then the small nail art brush to draw a happy smiley mouth.

Using the same dotter I went over with OPI Fiercely Fiona to give the mummies nice bright eyes.

Then using a black polish (I Only Date Werewolves) I drew very faint outlines around the eyes and mouth. Then one line through the mouth for the smile. And when that yellow dried I put a final 'dot' the centre very lightly with the small nail art brush - and that's it!

Anyway, I hope you are all having a lovely week and found this somewhat useful! Halloween is just around the corner so hopefully I can squeeze in another post. We shall see! Until next time...


  1. I always - seriously - wondered what a dotting tool looked like. Really informative post. :)

  2. The Orly ones are a bit exxy but they are good quality!

  3. These nails are so cute! Great tutorial!


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