Sunday, October 16, 2011

OPI Touring America swatches and some Mummy Nails for Halloween ;-)

A couple of months back I purchased the OPI Touring America mini collection. Then I decided I wanted more and purchased a full size of some of the shimmers. A bit late given that we're halfway through a season but better late than never :-)

Left to right we have some shimmers from this collection - I Eat Mainely Lobster, Are We There Yet? and My Address is "Hollywood". Then to the right we have the mini set with again, My Address is "Hollywood" (I love that colour and needed a full size!), French Quarter for Your Thoughts, A-taupe the Space Needle and finally Honk If You Love OPI. Now there are 12 colours in this collection but I don't love Fall/Autumn colours as much as Spring colours so I thought I'd skip the others. Onto the swatches!

Above is I Eat Mainely Lobster. 3 coats. The shimmers from this collection are subtle but still pretty.

Above is Are We There Yet? Again all these swatches are 3 coats. If you go to the opi website, you can see the cities these colours represent.

Above is My Address is "Hollywood". I like this one the best. It's pink, it's shimmery. A little bit dusty and maybe I just liked the name too! There is one more shimmer (a red/berry one) but for some reason I managed to not buy it!

Above is French Quarter for Your Thoughts. Representing New Orleans apparently. I've never been there but I loved the Disneyland and Legoland versions of it!

Above is A-taupe the Space Needle. This comes out a little darker than what appears in the bottle. I have been looking for a good brown to replace my Essie Mink Muffs. This is a bit more of what I was after.

Finally we have Honk If You Love OPI. A deep purple wine like colour. It was frustrating to clean up and if you have Lincoln Park After Dark, you might not want this. This one appears lighter and a bit purplier but still similar.

And that is it for the swatches! I wanted to do some nail art that was USA themed but it's October and I'm in the Halloween spirit so I did mummies:

Silly isn't it? But I like it! They are friendly mummies. Well that is all I have for now, hope you enjoyed the swatches! I might try and put up the tutorial for this a bit later, but I hear the washing machine calling. Until next time my lovelies!


  1. Hollywood is my adress is really nice!
    I've ordered French quarter and I'm waiting to get it.
    nice design!
    Miss Starshiny

  2. Those mummies are incredible and so funny! I've only bought the khaki green Uh Oh Roll Down the Window from this collection (so far).

  3. @Miss Starshiny I know I love it! There is so much to choose from in this collection, definitely something for everyone.

    @Vita hehe thank you! Oh nice choice! I am also tossing up whether or not to get Road House Blues but I'm trying to be good. It's not working very well lately :-/


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