Monday, December 12, 2011

Choccy Gingerbread Men Nail Art!

Hi everyone! I don't know where the weekend went but as always it was too short! I ended up painting my nails with choccy gingerbread men on Sunday afternoon, they are the yummiest kind!

I actually started painting my nails with MAC Hangin' Loose with the intention of drawing holly but I don't know what happened, I just wasn't feeling it. I must have been hungry instead!

Anyway, to do these gingerbread men I started with a smart nail art brush and a drew the outline in OPI Alpine Snow.

Then I filled with Essie Mink Muffs with the same brush.

Then using an Orly dotting tool (the small dotting end) I dotted the eyes.

Then with the same nail art brush as earlier, I drew the mouth and the little bow tie outline.

Then I dotted the eyes lightly with the brush in black, filled the bow ties with green (Essie Pretty Edgy) and dotted two buttons. And for some reason drew a gingerbread house on my thumb :-P Some days I feel like drawing random things.

These were my inspiration! Well not exactly, Gloria Jeans ran out of the actual gingerbread men shaped gingerbread treats so I got choccy gingerbread trees instead. SO DELICIOUS.

I parted with the orange one to give to the bf and consumed this within seconds ;-D Yummy!

And completely off topic, I was watching Thanksgiving YouTube videos and I kept hearing about candied yams. And I was just sitting there thinking what are yams?! I googled and discovered some candied yam recipes (i.e. sweet potatoes). I must admit, the recipe sounded very strange to me. Sweet potato covered in butter, sugar and marshmallows? Then again I cannot judge, I come from Australia - the land of Vegemite :-D So I was willing to give it a try! I can't say we get ours 'yams' in a can so I boiled and mashed some sweet potatoes.

I have no idea how they are meant to look, taste or anything but this is how mine turned out. I had to google whether or not you eat them hot or cold. Google said either but after trying both I prefer cold. Either I grew accustomed to the taste and that's why cold seemed nicer or it really WAS nicer, I don't know. But something about marshmallows on a vegetable had me completely intrigued. So there you go. I added cinnamon but I don't know how much I should have added.

And lastly a random shot of what I was listening to today. I do not get sick of this song for some reason. I do not understand it or follow the lyrics but it's cool.

Well that's it for now :-) I am going on holidays shortly so I will be taking a little break over Xmas but I haven't figured out when exactly. I hope you all had an awesome weekend and I will see you next time!


  1. You can also use pecans on top instead of marshmallows. Much better that way (at least to me)!

  2. Xmas is the time to eat, drink and be merry. Shame I think I'm gonna be collapsed in a heap by then because we're working so hard leading up to the break! Those little gingerbread men are fab (of course)!

  3. This is a really cute design! You're making me want to make both gingerbread men and candied yams. I am American, and I've never actually had candied yams. Maybe I'll compromise and buy those new gingerbread flavored marshmallows rofl. Btw, I think canned yams are disgusting.

  4. @Brandy ooh that sounds nice! Bit like carrot cake in a way :-P

    @Vita I think that's always the way each year, it's like the year has finally caught up with me and all I want to do is nap (but I can't boo).

    @Purplegreenpanda Wow I thought they were really common! Gingerbread flavoured marshmallows sounds awesome. I love both so why not combine haha. LOL @ canned yams - must be why you have to add so much sugar and butter :-)


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