Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chanel Nails - Lilac Sky

So I'm not really a Chanel person. I'm not a fan of most of their perfumes (my mum is though!) but I was home for Christmas when I spotted a new Chanel stand at the local chemist. I was impressed, we don't normally have that type of thing in my home town :-P So I perused the small selection of nail polishes and Lilac Sky caught my eye!

Anyway I love how the chemist always gives you free samples. And they *should* with the price of those Chanel nail polishes :-|

Yeah I think the men's facial scrub was due to the presence of my bf but let me tell you right now it's crap. Too rough and not effective. And I'm not particularly certain of the shade of the Estée Lauder lipstick (since I gave it to my mum), but hey, free lippie! :-D

I took an iPhone photo on Christmas day when I wore this nail colour:

I regretted not getting some of the OPI lilac colours so this makes up for it.

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