Tuesday, January 26, 2010

OPI Happy Anniversary! ... and flashbulb fuchsia dupe?

Firstly, Happy Australia Day! It's bloody hot outside so I'm hiding inside with the air conditioning on, having a nice drink. Anyway, this isn't a particularly aussie themed nail polish but I have been dying to wear OPI's Happy Anniversary:

I saw the swatch of it in David Jones but they didn't have any in stock! So I whinged and whined about it for a while and watched a couple on ebay but never bought any. My boyfriend ended up finding one for me for Christmas (along with Flashbulb Fucshia :) So I put it on Sunday night:

I must say I love this nail polish. It's sparkly yet subtle. I wish I had peach and pink toned versions of this. Do they exist? I have no idea. I was discussing these nail polishes with the bf and he said 'you know, when I first looked for flashbulb fuchsia, they were sold out but the sales assistant told me there was a similar Rimmel version.. but I was like no way man, OPI all the way' (heh, he's such a good boy). But it got me thinking. I DO have a few Rimmel nail polishes, and knowing me, I probably already have it because I mostly bought pinks in Rimmel. Turns out I do have the so called 'dupe' she was referring to:

Heh whoopsie. Can't really feel bad though, I'm so attracted to this colour, it always reminds me of my formal dress. And because my boyfriend is such a good sport, he tried the colours as my happy anniversary nails were still in mint condition:

On the left is 2 coats of Rimmel 292 Magenta, next to 1 coat of OPI Flashbulb Fuchsia. Obviously the Rimmel one contains less product (by 3mL to be exact) but for probably half the price of the OPI... it's a good substitute. I must say though the OPI is definitely more on the purple/fuchsia side and the Rimmel is more reddish pink.

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