Saturday, January 30, 2010

Love That Look - Smoke & Mirrors

Last year I went a little overboard with the MAC holiday collection. Ordered both of the lip bags, and the eye bag with black liner, and the Smoke & Mirrors palette (to start with...) Photos of these are actually on my flickr badge on the side.

Well I was initially disappointed with the Smoke & Mirrors eye shadow palette:

  • Fire In Here Eyes (F)

  • Wide-eyed Wonder (F)

  • Black Magique (V)

  • Spell No. 9 (S)

  • Deception (F)

  • Smoke & Mirrors (S)

The colours were so sheer, so brown, it didn't really seem all that smokey appealing to me. I used the top row today and although flash washes out colour, you get the idea. It really was a good brown smokey eye.

Products used: Benefit F.Y. Eye primer, Fire In Here Eyes all over the lid (and really coat that lid, it IS that sheer), Benefit Eye Bright in the corner of the eye, Wide-eyed Wonder in the crease, and Black Magique as a liner on the outer half. Wouldn't really say it was black though... black brown and that shimmer disappears on the lid/brush/finger/anything but the palette... In all honesty the colours individually didn't do much for me, but the combo had me going 'ooh pretty' in the mirror randomly throughout the day. Hence my very first 'Love That Look' post. Hopefully there will be many more to come, especially after my latest MAC Haul arrives...

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