Thursday, January 21, 2010

Product Review: Kevin Murphy Body.Guard

I was first introduced to Kevin Murphy last year. I found a new hairdresser/salon and when I went for my first wash and cut, they used a range of Kevin Murphy products. My hairdresser told me they loved Kevin Murphy because their products were largely based on natural ingredients and they smell divine. It's definitely a strong smell and I imagine it's not for everyone as it's quite different, but I really like it. Maybe sweet citrus? Hard to describe. Seriously though, even though I don't need my hair washed when I get a haircut (I wash my hair daily), I get it done just so I can have all the Kevin Murphy products :-)

The product I wanted to blog about today is the Kevin Murphy Body.Guard. It is a leave in cream that you use prior to styling (e.g. blow drying, straightening, etc). I love the smooth satin finish your hair has after using this product. I bought mine on ebay (bargain hunting as usual) even though they stocked it in the salon. Adore beauty also stocks Kevin Murphy (but can only be shipped to Australia).

I've tried a number of different heat protectors/styling products and I'm loving this one the most right now. I want to try their daily shampoo and conditioner, as I'm still using this body.guard fairly regularly. Although I'm trying not to so it doesn't run out! Hopefully another review to come!

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