Sunday, May 23, 2010

Current favourites

This last month has been mostly about not wearing a lot of makeup.. yet I have so much of it to use up! Seriously though, I have been busy at work so it requires me getting ready in record timing which means no time to fuss about with 6 colour eye shadow combinations. Instead I've been using 2 :-P

Ok there's 3 shadows here but I alternate between shroom and hey all over the lid and satin taupe in the crease. Personally I like hey + satin taupe the best. No eye liner, just mascara.

Hey was a limited edition eye shadow from the Prep For Colour collection, and as a veluxe pearl, it's just lovely over the lid.

What I love about satin taupe is that you barely have to touch it to get that colour payoff. Next up we have a new eye shadow primer, Too Faced Shadow Insurance:

And yes I'm going to whinge about the smell. Seriously, it does not impress me and I wasn't so sure about the 'greasiness' of this formula but it *does* dry quickly and it's one of the best primers I've used to date. I will most likely repurchase when this one runs out, and I'm almost there :-S

Onto the 'mixed feelings'. I'm not going to say dislikes because it's simply not true. I just need to complain ;-) And I'm very sad that the By Terry Rose de Rose is here. Not for the formula, the gorgeous smell of roses or the beautiful colour this leaves on the cheeks but for the darn pump. If you use this every day it wouldn't dry up, but I left this for about a month and yeah, I had an 'incident' which involved a good amount of the product exploding all over my vanity. And that hurt because this liquid blush cost me $110. Worth it? Nooo but I love walking and having the smell of roses on my cheeks. I don't care if it doesn't last all day, I feel pretty. The shade I own is Coral Rose and it's lovely, but I feel pain every time I waste a bit. Oh well!

Next is the Covergirl lashblast volume. Sigh. This is brilliant on the lower lashes and picks every single one up but for my top lashes... I get it everywhere and it's not easy to remove so I have to put my mascara on *first* otherwise I take off my eye shadow before I can get the mascara off. And I do wait for it to dry. Doesn't help. I guess I'm one of those people that prefers 'lash separation' to volume. I think I'll either pick up the Loreal telescopic again or go back to my semi waterproof clinique mascara. I loved it dearly.

Whoopsie how did this get here!? I had the mp3 version of this album from my brother but I wanted my own copy. And I found it in JB Hi-fi for $10 so how could I resist. Excuse me now, I have to be domino dancing @_@

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