Monday, May 17, 2010

Ahh what have I been doing?!

I haven't been buying a lot of makeup recently, or wearing it for that matter! It's turned horribly cold in Canberra and I'm not really in the makeup mood. Maybe a bit of nail polish on eBay here and there but I'm not really focused on much except my upcoming trip to Hawaii. I need to plan an itinerary, so I've been reading these:

Today I picked up the Top 10 book and that's the one I'll probably take to read on the plane :-) I've been so busy lately, getting money sorted and making plans for a short trip to QLD before Hawaii. On top of that I've got this study to do outside of work that takes up too much of my time. Anyway, on the weekend I bought a new suitcase, hopefully this will be big enough to take back all my desired makeup and nail polish? :-)

My current suitcase is fairly worn from taking it back home every holidays and all over Australia really. Always seem to be going *somewhere*. Then I thought hmm, I could go a new bag and picked this up:

Compartments galore! The bottom is expandable too, so it fits my big Nikon P80 and the bf will take the SLR. I probably won't even remember how to USE my P80 I've been using the SLR so much. But we need a camera each because we're photo obsessed. Then I'm also taking the water proof camera for snorkeling. I would like to do a 'day in the life photo log' style blog post each day I'm there but I don't know how much time I'll have for that. If not I'll do it when I get back :-D

I was going to paint my nails that new Illamasqua nail polish Jo'mina, but felt like burning some choc chip muffins instead :-|

I'll make a very belated monthly favourites post sometime this week!

Currently listening to: Domino Dancing - Pet Shop Boys (meep)

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