Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Woohoo my Illamasqua arrived!

I have an unhealthy nail polish addiction it seems. I wasn't particularly fussed about the latest illamasqua body electrics collection until I spotted a lilac nail polish... well it said lilac but the online picture isn't overly accurate because this is JoMina (on the left):

Yeah, doesn't really compare to the online swatch. Which is good because I LOVE the actual colour :-D And while I was googling swatches of other purple polishes I decided to order poke as well. Both absolutely gorgeous. This makes up for me not getting that purple duo they had a while back...

Only bad thing was the delivery time. Not a fault of Illamasqua I don't think as my order was shipped immediately and my tracking was updated shortly after. But it took a month to get here :-| It got to the point where my tracking number became invalid. So I was getting super paranoid and half expecting my package to appear on the next Aussie Border Security! Sometimes these things happen though. I remember my Benefit order took *forever* the first time I ordered, then the second order was super quick. It won't stop me from making another order the next time I spy a pretty nail polish ;-)

Oh I think the kicker was that it took a month to get here, then I read the bottom of the label and it says "Manufactured in Australia". My friends laughed at me for that.

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