Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sephora By OPI - Iris I Was Thinner and It's Bouquet With Me

I haven't been posting much lately. I have been busy at work and I felt really crap after my flu shot this year. I've also been madly cleaning the house for a rent inspection. Now that I've stopped using cleaning products, it was time to do my nails :-) Presenting the Sephora by OPI mini's from the modern flower gift set: Iris I Was Thinner + It's Bouquet With Me (glitter polish):

Aren't they cute! I really want full sizes of these polishes now. It was really quite awkward to apply with such a small brush but I got there in the end :-) And if you are wondering HOW small they are, here they are next to a full sized Sephora by OPI:

Sitting next to mummy Metro Chic, they look even more adorable! After two coats, I was getting paranoid about using too much nail polish and decided to leave it, so some nails are still a bit patchy:

The It's Bouquet With Me glitter polish has purple and silver glitter, with larger round silver glitter mixed in. Absolutely gorgeous:

I would very much like to purchase the full size versions of these but I doubt they'll be there next month when I go on vacation to Hawaii!

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