Thursday, February 11, 2010

MAC in Lillyland, Bodyshop and OPI Alice In Wonderland!

I have been dying for the MAC in lillyland collection to come out in Australia. Seriously. I wanted those lip gelees! I had originally decided on two (resort life and preppy, but after Lisa's blog post, I was completely sold on shift to pink! And personally I could do without the orange one, especially at 34AUD a piece.

So obviously couldn't go without the Pearlmatte face powder and thought hey while I'm at it (since there's free shipping), why not get the coconut ice nail polish:

These OPI Alice in Wonderland nail polishes came in the mail earlier this week, I'm stoked because the colours are gorgeous! I got Absolutely Alice (blue glitter) and Thanks so Muchness! (shimmery pinkish red, although I see a hint of pink glitter...)

Nail swatches to come! I also have a friend who's a body shop consultant, so I picked out these shimmer cubes eye shadow:

I'm interested to see how these go, I only swatched marshmallow (the lightest colour) and it had a good colour payoff. We shall see if this happens on the eye *suspicious look*. I'm hoping for a Veluxe Pearl / Starflash finish :-D

Well this is just a short post from me. Work is killing me right now, will have to work through the weekend :-( I'm also getting my hair done tomorrow - coloured this time. I very much hope for nice blonde foils and not ORANGE!


  1. Nice haul, love love love the look of those polishes ♥

  2. I'm wearing Thanks so Muchness! today and it's beautiful! Just in time for Valentines Day :-)


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