Sunday, August 15, 2010

OPI Diva of Geneva, Swiss Collection haul

I have been dying for the Swiss collection to come out. I am impressed with how restrained I was, I almost got two of the green/teal shades but realised I have enough already! But cuckoo for this colour *was* pretty in the bottle. This is what I picked up:

Restrained indeed. Of course I had to get the two glitzy ones :-) Lucerne-tainly looks quite unique, I'm interested to see how it looks painted on. It was a hard choice but I decided to go for Diva of Geneva first up:

Diva of Geneva is this deep burgundy that definitely has a purple undertone to it. I thought it looked more red in the bottle but definitely shows a bit of purple on the nail. The above was taken on another gloomy Canberra day so sunlight is MIA.

Here we have with flash and to be honest, I'm blown away by the flash photo, it looks drop dead gorgeous. This would have been the perfect colour to wear at my brother's wedding a long time ago. The dresses were so similar to this colour! The more I look at my nails, the more I think this colour might take over my love of Flashbulb Fuchsia... if that's even possible ;-)

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