Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sally Hansen HD Hi-Definition Cyber Swatches!

Oh my gosh. I was in priceline getting shampoo and a few other things when I spotted this amazing purple polish at the Sally Hansen stand. I have never really paid attention to Sally Hansen before (although I use the double duty base coat - which I recommend by the way) but I love purple. Particularly *this* shade of purple, and honestly I thought my eyes had died and gone to purple heaven. The HD Hi-definition shade in Cyber was love at first sight... and please ignore the horrid flash photo below and keep reading for non flash photo to see the true purple power!

I know these came out a while back but if I had seen the purple I would have purchased immediately. These were tucked away behind a pole in priceline :-P And they weren't cheap! $16.95 AUD, wow that's almost an OPI!

Do you see that? Oh it's sooo darn pretty. I think it beats OPI's purple with a purpose for sure. Ah I have no purple with a purpose swatches! I'll have to do some next :-D I applied three coats because I felt it was a little thin to apply, especially as mine didn't seem all that well mixed and I kept shaking it to get rid of the blue. But I think that's just the base colour of the polish. I must admit I was a little shaky applying with such a long thin brush but other than that, appeared to be a decent formula. I would expect that with any shimmer polish though.

See it even looks good in flash. Unfortunately my seche vite top coat has gone gloopy (tis a word) and am either in need of new one or product to de-gloopify it... that's also a word ;-)

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