Friday, August 6, 2010

New Chanel Paradoxal :-)

Oh I was excited walking through David Jones despite my winter sickliness - all new things with the Summer launch. I was after Chanel's paradoxal and I now have it :-)

Looks absolutely gorgeous in the bottle doesn't it? My apologies for the two coats of mess that are below, I'm sill infected with this nasty cold/virus and am not steady handed :-)

That is with flash and you can see the gorgeous purple shimmer that everyone is 'oohing and ahhing' over. But in reality this purple shimmer is not going to be obvious:

So that's without flash and the glare of any direct light. But don't get me wrong, step out into daylight and you see the shimmer:

Pretty isn't it? I also spied a nice peach lipgloss that I think I need....Petit Peche? Gorgeous. I like the enigma quad but me thinks it's too dark/bold for my taste. Well too dark to go spending $98 on anyway ;-)

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