Thursday, October 28, 2010

Been Haulin', hopshopgo woes and other misc things!

So I've been stockpiling a few things lately. I'll begin with the excessive amount of hand sanitizers (and there's more to come in the post!)

Drama. So. I wanted to get some bath and body works stuff for xmas pressies this year. I quickly learnt that you had to use the 'buy for me' option because they didn't accept non US/Canadian credit cards. That was cool, I like buy for me :-P I wanted to order lots of hand sanitizer "pocketbac" thingys with the 5 for $5 deal and went ahead and authorized my big order. Then they contacted me and said that flammables cannot be shipped to my destination so they only purchased the remaining items in my order (despite the fact I said to cancel if something isn't in stock but I guess it's not the same thing) because of the specials on the others products that could be shipped (buy 3 get 3 free I believe). Which is again, ok by me. So I used the awesome dollar to spend up big and buy all the scents I wanted to try on eBay :-D

Then I decided to go back to hopshopgo and order more goodies from Jewelry. Which Target decided to ship ONE AT A TIME. So I got charged shipping for 3x1kg boxes which basically had a small piece of jewelry in each box. I did use the 'live chat online' facility and spoke to a very polite Sophia who said that the boxes couldn't be repackaged because "... we do not want to change the way the merchant packed them for shipping. We fear that repacking the item would compromise its condition when it reaches you." again. Fine. Just thought I'd ask. But I paid for 3kg of jewelry. Seriously.

What can you do ey? If you want something you have to pay for it. And I'd rather be able to get it than not so at the end of the day all is good. Let's move on.

Of course a haul of mine wouldn't be complete without nail polish. My mum screamed 'oh my god' when she saw my nail polish rack. Sigh. I kinda filled it up completely... whoopsie. Anyhoo I found a pharmacy in Canberra that stocks Orly so I picked up It's Up To Blue. Gorgeous peacock. I'm so obsessed with peacock colours right now. And of course there's a purple. There's always a purple :-D Velvet rope. And a mini VIP because I'm also slightly obsessed with glitters. Which leads me to the OPI burlesque glitters. I didn't like the orange, blue or green ones and they didn't have the yellow :-| So I picked up sparkle-licious and show it and glow it!

Lastly we have a small lush haul. I wandered in and saw all these nice smelling things that looked like flat bath bombs and they were called emotibombs. Supposedly for the shower! Awesome idea, I can't wait to try it and see if they last a few showers like the sales assistant claimed. I picked up two Up You Gets (the orange man) and one Sex in the Shower. The bath bomb is a new limited edition I believe and it's called Calavera Bath Ballistic. It's actually two different colours inside!

Well I'm not feeling very well at the moment so I'm going to head to bed and hopefully not dream about hand sanitizers exploding in the mail. Oh the joys of online shopping... meanwhile my entire desk smells like 'zombie squad' / marshmallows :-|

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