Saturday, October 16, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains nail polish swatches

Last week I made my MAC Venomous Villains order and decided to get all three nail polishes - Mean & Green, Formidable! and Bad Fairy. All looked very promising, glittery with duochrome effects. I feel like the formidable! would have been the most lusted after but it falls flat for me. While beautiful in the bottle, the flash photos remind me of the new formula of OPI My Private Jet.

Let's start with formidable. In natural light, looks pretty but not quite what the bottle leads you to believe it will be on the nails (in particular that purple reflect):

Flash is less impressive:

Although formidable was 3 coats as they are very sheer, I went for 4 coats with mean & green, which pretty much meant that the green effect disappeared and you were left with a lot of pink glitter under flash:

However under lowlight and daylight I managed to capture the 'green' colour it gives under some angles and lights:

Very pretty in my opinion, but we're not done yet! The last polish was a bit of a surprise to me as I hadn't seen any swatches of it until I bought it:

While the photo at the start of this post suggested this might give off subtle yellow/orange reflects, I can't make it happen :-( Only went for 3 coats and I can wriggle my fingers until the cows come home and no real yellow. It's ever so subtle and gives the pink glitter a bit of warmth under natural light but more golden under incandescent lighting.

EDIT: So I can take a photo of the duochrome effect of bad fairy. I went downstairs for a coffee and the lighting revealed this:

Bam! Well that's it for now. I had a bit of peek at the MAC nail trend f/w polishes but after these pretties, they really aren't calling to me. Have a great weekend!


  1. These are all so pretty! Amazing how different the same polish looks... those last two photos... can't believe it's the same colour!

  2. Bad fairy... I'll take that one!! :-)


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