Saturday, October 9, 2010

OPI Go Goth! Halloween 2010 part 2!

Whoopsie, I forgot about the rest of the goth polishes when I blew up over the OPI Ink replica so here they are! I alternated between 2 and 3 coats because for some reason today I found the mini brushes extremely frustrating... they are not as good as the Sephora ones in my opinion. Let's get the messy swatches started!

Here is sanguine, and I assume they were going for a blood red theme here but it had a berry feel to it. This is my favourite out of the lot, and looks pretty in both natural light above and flash:

Vampy. Anyhoo, onto Unripened, a black with blue glitter, very pretty in the sun:

I think I went for 3 coats here because I was completely unco in my application. Flash version:

And continued my unco'ness in lining up my fingers all pretty :-| But you get the idea.

Last we have obscurity. It's a black matte finish and quite frankly, gross. So well suited to Halloween then ;-) Small mini brushes are even more difficult when the polish is matte, I tried though:

And the flash version:

And while I was feeling icky, I decided to sport the cuff bracelet.

GRR, argh!

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