Saturday, October 23, 2010

OPI Burlesque Little Teasers Swatches and Happy Halloween!

Last night I was very excited to go get the Burlesque glitters but I stopped and thought, wow these burlesque shimmers are pretty too! I picked up the little teasers pack and almost go a full size of one of the other shimmers but felt it was too similar to The Show Must Go On! to justify the purchase. So here we have the teasers:

There are six colours in the OPI Burlesque shimmer collection, and the teasers pack has four mini sized polishes out of the six. Good pick up if you ask me, it's all about the mini's nowadays ;-)

I'll start with my favourite - Rising Star. This is what I wanted MAC Orginality to be, and now I have it. Three coats for the flash shot above and all swatches below.

Another gloomy weekend in Canberra so no direct sunlight shot. But still similar in natural light.

Here we have Take The Stage under flash. More red orange than Rising Star.

Again under natural light.

The Show Must Go On! is a gorgeous pink shimmer but I feel there would be dupes out there for it.

Sadly I was losing light and the daylight shots are a bit darker than I would like. People have said that the show must go on is similar to MAC bad fairy and that's probably because of a similar duochrome effect:

But in no means is it a dupe. Bad fairy trumps it in my opinion, as much as it horrifies me to recommend a MAC nail polish over an OPI :-P

Ali's Big Break is a red with subtle shimmer. Flash shot above.

And that is the last swatch I could do because it became stormy and horrible! But I did manage to layer on one of the glitter polishes from this collection, Sparkle-icious:

Not the best combo but hey, I was getting into the festive season a little early :-P

Now I shall leave you with a little Happy Halloween piccy - these were surely designed to be nail polish holders right? ;-)

Until next polish...


  1. Thanks for posting this! I'm considering buying this set or other colors from this collection. I saw "Show it & Glow it" on Oprah.

  2. Glad you found it helpful! I just recently wore Show it & glow it on Essie's splash of grenadine - very pretty :-) There are also some lovely OPI burlesque gift sets out at the moment. I would have been tempted if I didn't have the minis :-)


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