Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tokidoki Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary goodies

I'm a little late on the whole hello kitty 35th anniversary, but better late than never! Originally tokidoki's hello kitty range sold out quickly (well the cool stuff did). But they tweeted that they had new stock the other weekend so I quickly ordered my iPhone case and cosmetic case. An hour later they were sold out of the iPhone case! I meant to get it last year but they were sold out :-(

May as well include the Juicy Couture handbag I picked up in Melbourne a few years ago :-) I actually don't use this handbag much, I'm more of a shoulder bag person. But my guess bag was looking a little sad, and it was time for a switch (I actually have a tokidoki charm on it, namely this one :-) I'm itching for a new handbag. Hopefully I'll have a new LV when I return from Hawaii later this year :-D

The makeup case is pretty cute actually. I simply bought it to justify the postage on the iPhone case :-| It has little sleeves inside that you could put small brushes or compacts. Might take it to Perth with me later this month :-)

I blame my best friend for this hello kitty tokidoki obsession. Although I've branched out and purchased a few non hello kitty tokidoki t-shirts and I already have their gelskin iPhone case. Can't wait to put this new one on!

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