Thursday, September 9, 2010

OPI Go Goth! Halloween 2010

When my boss saw me unwrap my package at work and noticed the words 'go goth!' he was all Leanne, goth?! (sigh). However I was initially excited about this set because I was after yet another purple, Nevermore (second from the left):

So I rushed to apply Nevermore, a dark looking purple.

Then I'm thinking heeeeey you look blue. I remember the *last* time I was tricked into a purple polish that was really blue: OPI Ink! So I rushed to compare and looky here:

Can we say dupe or possibly exact match? The bf is not convinced... 'ahh the glitter looks more chunkier in one' but I'm thinking they are the same. At least to the naked eye/camera flash. Hmph! And I was all excited for more purple.

That's probably the only light I saw it purple. Even in daylight it still reflects more blue than purple. I'm interested in wearing the dark blue looking colour on the left and the red. Not so fussed on the black ;-) I believe it's matte. And I can't imagine applying with a small brush.

The mini brush wasn't easy to use to apply the polish. It felt quite uneven and generally produced a sloppy mess. I was quite frustrated and opted for 3 coats just to fix the mess I made with the small brush!

But hey, if you're never going to use up a bottle of OPI, this mini set can be a good purchase! Can't say I'm going to be wearing the cuff bracelet though...

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