Saturday, November 6, 2010

China Glaze Holiday 2010 Glitter swatches and Candy Cane nails!

With Christmas soon approaching I decided to try my China Glaze holiday 2010 glitter polishes and play with some Sally Hansen nail art pens. When I first saw the China Glaze photos for party hearty, I was in love. You either love glitter or you hate it, but party hearty was something special. So let's start there:

Party Hearty. What's not to love. Three different colours of glitter on a clear base - a big chunky red and smaller green and silver glitter.

These swatches are about 2-3 coats, I gave it a third where nails looked a bit patchy. party hearty would be great layered over another colour.

Mistletoe kisses, similarly named to the Orly Holiday polish Meet Me Under The Mistletoe which is also a green, is a subtle glitter polish that's not annoyingly chunky like Party Hearty :-P

In the flash shot above the first nail is 3 coats, the others are 2 coats. I quite like this one!

Despite being obsessed with getting Party Hearty, Mrs. Claus is probably my favourite out of the three. It's a gorgeous cherry with pink glitter.

I originally left on Mrs. Claus and got stuck into drawing candy canes but against a pink background it didn't look as good. So I started over and drew candy canes on Mistletoe Kisses:

Tee hee. I had a priceline voucher so I decided to get some Sally Hansen nail art pens. I didn't know what colours they had but I originally wanted to draw holly on there but they didn't have a green! So I picked up red and white pens:

I had a few practice runs and some tips on working with these pens:
  • Let the base coat dry properly underneath! Especially when it's glitter else you'll tear it up
  • Don't press the colour on, it will just 'fall' out and it works best if you lightly draw the colour on as if it was an airbrush
  • If you're doing candy canes, draw a white base and let the first colour dry before applying the next colour else they'll mix
  • Do a few even coats of colour, the white is prone to cracking
  • Apply a topcoat later when everything has dried, such as Seche Vite

Well it's another wet weekend in Canberra. What a surprise :-| Hope everyone is enjoying better weather!

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