Friday, November 26, 2010

Mecca Cosmetica Holiday goodies and Iori Japanese Restaurant!

I went out shopping tonight for a few reasons (forgot to go to Borders and get paperchase stuff but oh well). One of them was to pick up some xmas presents from Mecca Cosmetica. They had a beautiful Philosophy stand with all their holiday packs and I was very very tempted to buy several. I restrained myself well and only picked up a lipgloss set. Oh and the Philosophy Grace mini fragrance set. So lovely!

I also picked up the Girls Best Friend nail polish duo which I wasn't going to get at first until I saw it had a sparkle to it! I thought they were creams. No they are gorgeous and I eagerly look forward to swatching. Oh and I finally picked up two Lush Christmas eve bubble bars. Oh they have glitter in them... this shall be interesting. But they smell fantastic. Seriously, they are smelling up my room and it's not that typical 'lush store' smell.

Then we went out for dinner (randomly, I had a sudden need for Vegetable Tempura) at Iori:

Tucked away in the city is a sliding door that reveals a charming Japanese styled entrance:

Now I apologize for crappy iphone shots but it was very dark and fairly small inside so it's not like you can just whip out your SLR. First we have the Sapporo beer... which still tastes like beer so not really to my taste but the bf liked it.

Next we have the Teriyaki salmon. I've had the Teriyaki chicken several times and I love it... but it MAY have given me food poisoning last time I was there and I refuse to have it again. I can't pinpoint anything else that it could have been (only place I ate out and I had a fever with it). Anyway, onto more positive things:

Teriyaki salmon. Bf loved it.

The vegetable tempura. Yummy. Contained snowpeas, mushroom, pumpkin, eggplant and seaweed I believe. The salts are fantastic. This is worth trying. Then we had sushi and I was too busy eating to take a photo (sigh).

Well I picked up some good Christmas decorations from Myer on special and am eager to finish the tree. Hope everyone survived their week and has a fantastic weekend :-)

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