Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Adelaide Trip and Haul in pictures

I'm back from Adelaide! It was just a short trip, but essentially I was going to the Metallica concert (the bf is a massive fan) with a few friends. I only insisted on three things: Pandas, Haigh's and the Himeji gardens.

I'll start with the haul! I found an Inglot store in Rundle Mall (then again at Marion!) I wasn't drawn to the makeup but I did spy some lovely nail polish. I was telling mum and she joked 'some Polish polish!' (I come from a Polish background). I was interested by the O2M line of polish which is meant to be more breathable due to a new polymer in the formula (used in contact lenses normally) which allows more oxygen through. Translation? Supposedly less nail damage and discoloration. As I've actually gotten yellow nails from just ONE day of usage from another popular brand, I'm pretty much scarred for life and always check for formaldehyde if it's not OPI (I've never had a problem with OPI).

Anyway, I picked up 4 colours which I will be swatching shortly. They don't have names but numbers so for reference I purchased 641, 642 (purples), 644 (green) and 631. I also picked up OPI Bring on the bling from the burlesque collection because it was sold out in DJs here and also a DS polish corination because I thought it would be pretty for the holidays.

Other purchases include a glasshouse candle (the ones they burn in Peter Alexander stores), some Lush (they were sold out of Christmas Eve bars, boo) and of course a Panda from the Zoo :-D I thought I'd share some pictures from my trip in case you ever wanted to visit :-P

Firstly we stayed at the Majestic Roof Garden hotel (garden, meh) which is in an excellent location with regards to Rundle Mall and has 24hr reception and valet parking. The view from the rooms is nothing but you're paying for the convenience. Previously I have stayed at the Stamford (in both the city and at Glenelg - Glenelg location highly recommended, the views are gorgeous of the beach) as well as Sofitel with those 'New York style' lofts. That hotel was nice too. But further towards the University, so an easier walk to the Botanical Gardens and the Zoo.

That is Wang Wang, the only panda that came out of the glass enclosure. The girl panda, Funi, not so social. Well according to their descriptions on the website, it's the other way around :-S

The flamingos were hiding most of the day and didn't come out until there was bad lighting. Sigh. But aren't they just beautiful?

The Macaw was on show when we arrived.

Ok this cutie wasn't part of the zoo but he caught my attention sitting on the fence of the Giraffe enclosure.

The Arcade was well decorated for Christmas.

I stocked up on some Haigh's from the original retail store, the 'beehive corner'. Sooo many nice Christmas things for sale.

We then went to the Himeji gardens, Adelaide's sister city of Japan. These gardens were smaller but much prettier than the Nara Gardens we have in Canberra.

More of the gardens. These gardens were beautiful.

The entrance to the gardens. Definitely worth a visit.

Another SA original, Fasta Pasta. I know there are locations outside of SA, but there aren't any in Canberra, so we went to the one on South Terrace. This is the pumpkin ravioli. Delish!

I might as well include some snaps from the concert since it was the reason for my trip ;-) I just spent a good 10mins trying to pick a couple of photos from the several hundred I took.

I must admit - I'm not the biggest Metallica fan but the concert was pretty damn good.

Last day in Adelaide we went to Felici espresso on Rundle St.

And who would order something silly like a nutella croissant? Me!

Well I hope you enjoy the piccies and if you're considering visiting Adelaide, now is a good time to go! I previously went during March and that happened to be during the biggest heatwave. I was not happy jan! Being in stuffy wine cellars with 40+ degree heat was not ideal.

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