Monday, November 22, 2010

OPI Bring on the Bling and Rising Star!

I recently picked up OPI Bring on the Bling from the latest Burlesque collection. And bling is a very accurate description:

I layered it on top of Rising Star from the little teasers set. It's very intense though, one application and you can barely see your base coat! The glitter has a bit of everything, gold, green, silver, reds and oranges and is simply stunning. I wish I had done all nails however I can't stand removing so much glitter. So only the thumb nails:

Soo pretty. On a side note - do I ever learn about hopshopgo shipping? My latest bath and body works order is 11.5kg in "volumetric" weight. FFS. Do you know how much that comes to? Over 96USD. And I'm not even getting the 29USD rural surcharge :-| Even though it only weights 5.3kg in reality, the repacking option still a hefty shipping charge. But what am I going to do, fly over there myself and put it in a suitcase? I ordered some very fragile items so hopefully when they repack it, it travels safely. Knowing me however... Sigh.

Well I have some power point presentations to look over so I best get to it. A programmer doing power point presentations? Sooo not happy! I shall leave you with this very cute Meerkat from the Adelaide Zoo, courtesy of my bf's excellent photography skills:

Until next post...

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