Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Orly Velvet Rope, my weekend in Wollongong and more hopshopgo goodies!

Last weekend I headed down to Wollongong for a wedding (on Halloween!) so I tried my latest purple polish which is Orly Velvet Rope:

The bottle has a lot of silver glitter but it's not chunky and not much glitter goes on the nails.

I've found the Orly formula to be quite thin but only two coats were required. I still had the fun of removing the remaining silver glitter afterwards. Anyway, I'll post some piccies from my weekend and recent haulage:

The reception was at function centre right by the beach, which had a gorgeous view (despite the shocking weather).

How people were out swimming, I have NO idea.

The wedding was on Halloween so all the kids got this huge container of lollies! So jealous!

The table names were cute as well.

The cake was outstanding and although I had a non-iPhone photo of it, this was the only photo that got the whole cake in the shot. The cake was chocolate and vanilla. Yummy.

While I was shopping at the mall before we drove home, I spotted the latest MAC Tartan Tale collection on display. I picked up the Later Pigment and The Faerie Glen lipstick. The lipstick is very close to my lip colour so I'm really happy with it. One practical item and one non practical item... that's how I roll :-P

My second hopshopgo order came through (I feel the DHL courier and I will become great friends haha) which included more bath and body works. Don't worry, these aren't all for me, they will be distributed across the family as Christmas pressies! Ok maybe one or two for me :-D

Here's my '3kg' of target.com jewels. I did not realise that large silver pendant was so darn large! Doh. These were supposed to be xmas pressies as well until I remembered my bestie was allergic to silver. Sigh. But hopefully mum will like the evil eye pendant necklace.

I hope everyone had a happy halloween and I shall swatch you later!

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