Saturday, January 22, 2011

Flirty Heart Nails for Valentine's Day

Wow you should see the storms we've been getting today. I wanted to do some appropriately themed dark heart nails but alas, the inspiration wasn't there. So I busted out my favourite colour (purple) and decided to make use of the Shrek Mini OPI set I got last year:

Yes a little messy and of various size, but the good thing about drawing them on with brushes / nail art tools is that you get to pick your colours. And I love these two from the Shrek Collection:

I painted my nails with Rumple's Wiggin', drew some heart outlines with a Sally Hansen nail art pen (originally started with brushing China Glaze snow but the pen worked out better), then filled with What's With The Cattitude. Quite like the result actually, very flirty and cute. Natural light shot below:

This purple/lavender is so pretty! The formula is brilliant and I kinda wish I had a bigger bottle now...

I think the thumb heart came out best as I had the most room to work with. Would be super cute for Valentine's Day... ;-) So what else is happening? Well since I recovered from my virus I decided to steal the bf's new BBQ Cookbook and make a cous cous salad. We recently got a new BBQ so we're all set to go for a barbie on Australia Day next week:

I will be taking care of the salads so decided to test run a cous cous recipe in the book - which was pretty basic:

Salad, some herbs, lemon rind and a LOT of cous cous. I'm quite annoyed really because Woolworths used to make the BEST cous cous salad with roast pumpkin and fetta cheese and now they have stopped making it and have replaced it with a red onion capsicum version that quite frankly, sucks. Boo to you Woolworths :-| I should try to make it actually. But anyway, this turned out nicely and I would probably have less parsley next time and maybe some fetta @_@

Well this storm is making me a teensy bit nervous so I'm going to get off the computer and light some candles! Until next time...

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