Friday, January 21, 2011

MAC Soirée and a Happy Anniversary!

Well, sort of. I've been off sick this week with my THIRD illness since boxing day. Dr thought it would be best to just banish me from work so I would stop infecting and re-infecting myself :-/ Now that I'm less coughy I thought I'd try out MAC Soirée from the Cham Pale collection. Looks promising:

Oh yes indeedy look at all that glitter. Microscopic shimmer that gets all over your fingers and is a pain to remove.

Soirée is a frost and comes out pretty much as it looks on the bottle:

I'm not entirely sure why I purchased this. I had heard comparisons to Orly's Rage and thought well I don't have rage I may as well get this one. But *again* I received a MAC polish with an utterly crap brush with bristles sticking out everywhere, making it extremely difficult to apply. Given that this is my second MAC polish to have a defective brush in my very small collection of MAC polishes, I am not impressed. Maybe they should stick to their eye shadows and leave the nail polish to the brands that know :-)

The colour is pretty though. But honestly, after the MAC Venomous Villains polishes, I think my expectations are still too high and anything after is going to fall flat. Onto something much more bright and prettier!

These are from the bf. They are anniversary / get well soon flowers I think :-) Just gorgeous, I love pink roses and the pink lilies make it perfect. So I put it on top of my jewelry armoire that I got for Christmas:

I had been admiring this in store for some time and the bf was sneaky and got it for me for Christmas. It was funny because he got it quite in advance and I was so disappointed when my mum came to visit and I tried to show her the armoire but it was gone! Little did I know :-)

Well that's it for me today, hope everyone has a fabulous germ free friday and a great weekend. Until next time...


  1. Love your armoire. So French in style. Hope you get well soon. I was down all week too with an acute sciatica. I hate that ^^

  2. Thank you! I love the armoire too :-) Wow, that doesn't sound good! Hope you're feeling better for the weekend!


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